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How would I vote?
The purpose of the U.S. House of Representatives is to represent the people. Unfortunately, over time, we have lost sight of that, and party politics has overshadowed the needs of the American people. If elected, I will consider what my party leadership recommends when it comes to passing legislation. However, if that conflicts with the needs that the people of my district voice, then I will choose the people over the party every single time. 
Strengthening the Economy
To strengthen the American economy, we must build from the ground up. So often, federal politics focuses on helping large corporate industries while forgetting about smaller businesses. Yet, working-class and middle-class Americans and small business owners are the lifelines of our economy. Investing in local economies will help build state economies, which will then help strengthen our national economy. 
COVID-19 Response
The federal government should take more action with the eviction moratorium. This will continue to impact low-income households for years to come. 
Staffing shortages and lack of necessary resources have affected the quality of education for k-12 students. Congress should now focus on the recovery from COVID-19 by investing more in our public education system and youth mental health.
Supply Chain & Labor Shortage
Supply chain and labor shortages have negatively affected our country. The current state of the world has proven we need to be more self-sufficient. Investing in our economy, specifically local and small businesses, and creating more jobs for the American people will help address these issues. 

Infusing more capital into agriculture will help Nebraska farmers and us become more self-sufficient with our food production. We need to limit the number of imported foods and increase our production and export of it to help decrease the cost. 
The Climate Crisis 
The climate crisis will and is actively affecting the entire world. In 2019, there were devastating floods in Nebraska that significantly affected agriculture. The following year, we had scheduled power outages during record cold temperatures and snowfalls because our power grids could not handle the energy demand.
Therefore, we need to invest in clean and renewable energy to lower emissions. Otherwise, the crises caused by climate change will continue to occur more frequently and more severely. 
I believe we can combat inflation by giving the American people a true tax break. 0T40, "Zero Tax after 40," would eliminate federal taxes from overtime pay. 

Nebraska has a lot of production jobs where overtime is required. I would support legislation to eliminate federal tax on overtime pay so that workers can pay off their debts, save for a down payment on a home, save for their children's college tuition, or start their own business.

Tipped employees have significantly struggled throughout the pandemic, and 0T40 would halt federal tax collection on tips.Before 1984, a federal tax on social security checks was non-existent, and this legislation would reverse that taxation.

Lastly, increasing the federal minimum wage so that Americans can make a living wage will help them meet their needs.   
Security at our borders is essential and needs to remain. However, illegal immigration has become an issue associated with terrorism and used to evoke fear. When people are trying to get into the United States, they pursue a better life for their families.
Immigrating to the U.S. or even visiting requires documents and monetary requirements that some countries either do not issue or people cannot afford. Our immigration system has become complex and inaccessible to so many people.

We need to reconstruct our immigration policies and procedures to safely open our doors to bright,
ambitious, and talented individuals who can help our nation progress. 
Women's Rights
I am 100% for women's rights, pro-choice, and the right to privacy. The recent SCOTUS opinion leak is setting us on a dangerous path and will put other landmark decisions in jeopardy. 
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